Private Events FAQ

What is a minimum? 
A minimum is just what it sounds like - the minimum amount you will spend. We base our minimums on what the restaurant sales would be on a similar night if we were open to the public.

What if I exceed my minimum?
If you exceed your minimum your bill will reflect the actual accrued charges. 

The prices are beyond my budget. Are there other options? 
Of course there are, but they will not guarantee exclusive use. We can treat your party like a regular reservation but we do not allow speeches, ceremonies, toasts, or other activities that we deem might be distracting to other diners.

What if it rains? 
In the event of bad weather, we have 4 dining rooms to accommodate your event. We will do our best to move your party inside and accommodate you and your guests.

What additional charges can I expect?
Tax (currently 7.85%) , gratuity (20%), additional services, additional hours, additional rentals, and additional planning or coordination are extra and vary depending on your requirements. 

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